Locksmith Prices

Emergency Locksmith Prices:

when you calling a locksmith for standard service, or emergency. changes in the price might differ, also from time to time. there is day price, evening price, and late night prices.

to make it easier for you, we shown you a price range for standard and emergency locksmith. the prices might differ upon the place and special scenarios (e.g. weather)

Standard Locksmith Services:

Lock Change- £55 + Cost of Lock +£25

Fresh Installation- 
£75 + Lock Cost +£20

PVC Mechanism- 
£59 + Mechanism Cost

Banham- Prices are 
£200 and above

Ingersoll- Fitting 
£60 + Lock £45 and above

Emergency Locksmith Services:

Lockout- £59 Start from

Car Lockout start from- 

Banham Lockout- 

Mul-T-Lock Lockout-