Who Phoned Me 016506189523 an Israeli Scumbag

posted 23 Aug 2014, 14:07 by John Hill   [ updated 31 Oct 2014, 05:52 ]
if you received a call lately by 016506189523
don't give him any information.
this guy is an Israeli. when I answered him, I knew his nationality straight away from his accent.
and I told him "are you an Israeli"? he said "yes" "how do you know?"
i told him listen, whatever you tries to do, i don't want to do for you any job, 
as he asked me too many question about "his friend which been 'locked-out' his flat"
of course i didn't believe him as he started to repeat question "how much this cost, and how much
this lock cost?! "
2 options: 1st he could be a scumbag. 2nd he is a locksmith in London, which trying to know locksmith