Who is Bothering You? 01619286999 1619286999 add-people

posted 22 Oct 2014, 08:28 by John Hill   [ updated 22 Oct 2014, 08:32 ]
01619286999 add people stop calling me

Have you wonder who is calling you from this number 01619286999?

well, "Add People" a fake company who uses Google name to traffic our companies and fool us to go advertise with them for cheaper and cost saving.

In fact they stealing day by day 10's of innocent people. 

Add-People / It's Cold Outside LTD

the fake company received too many complaints. and what happened is, people forwarded their complaining to Google, and the company called "It's Cold Outside" has made a backup of their fake name which is: "Add-People"

so :) now you know who is bothering you, and you should be aware, and first of all you MUST hang-up before they try to fool you. with their lovely tongue. full of LIES.

So when you see this number 1619286999

1: Hang-up before they get to talk to you.
2: Add their number 1619286999 to the BLOCKED LIST.
3: Insert a complain to Google.
4: write about them in any forum or even on YouTube if you can