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LMS Locksmith
our company is just over a decade since created.
with few Locksmiths here and there, working part time usually at the evening and some weekend during holidays.at this time we have grown and can say that we have more than 10 expert locksmiths who are dealing with phone calls and services 24 hours. means that we get our mobile locksmith to have everything needed to serve anyone during small hours.

20 Years rowing Company

since we saw that many people and our customers that we earned over the years calling us back to fix here and there, an during night time we have them calling us for lockout, and emergency locksmith services at their own property, we decided to make a proper service, and make it stable for whoever asked.

How are Services Reviews?

we do our best to be faster than a Ferrari when someone call us to do a job, or specially when it's an emergency locksmith call out, you don't want lay your man sitting in the black cold weather outside, and that's why we use our motorbikes, and quick service to reach you as soon as possible and get you safe back home

Company Manager

Nice to meet and I'm John Hill the manager of LMS Locksmith that can be questioned and answered for everything I can over email or can ask for me at our 24 hours phone line 02030868644.

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