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Garage Pull Handle Lock System

Garage pull handle locks systems are usually to fit on up-lift garage doors, and goes right in the door centre.
it's always recommended to fit garage defenders oas an extra for those locks as they are not High Security locks. neither complied by the Insurance companies regulations.
for secure and guaranteed fitting call one of our garage locksmith engineer at: 02030868644.

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Patented Lock

patented lock goes for up-lift garage doors, high secured and anti-rust lock

Garage standard pull handle system locks

 Pull Handle 024-B

a classic standard garage door lock for up-lift garage doors, and is normal security for any garage door

 garage twisted pull handle locks

 Handle Lock 022-C

garage classic door lock, for most garage doors to be fitted as standard security for garages

 garage pull handle lock, euro cylinder lock

 Euro Pull 025-H

Euro cylinder system garage door lock with pulling handle, better security for garage doors