Meet Our Locksmiths

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this page will provide you with full details history of our professional Locksmiths.

we have wide range of aged Locksmiths working with us for many years from 1983.
all of our Locksmiths are CRB checked, and working together for better environment with the Police as well. 

you can see here few of Locksmith certificate and their experience.

1: Henri Locksmith- specialise in Door replacing, lock fitting and locked-out services.

2: Lion Locksmith- specialise in car lockout services, including lock and house lockout service. 

3: Kevin Locksmith- specialise in house locksmith service, lockout, lock replace and new lock fitting.

4: Kashaf Locksmith- specialise in lockout, domestic service 24 hours, lock replace and lock fitting.
5: John Locksmith- 24 hours service provider and manager of LMS Locksmith, he is providing full service including car lockout, intercom repair. all domestic services.
lock fitting, lock replace, new door fitting, and CCTV install. include monitors and home safe system

6: Ami Locksmith- specialise in car and domestic locked-out services full 24 hours locksmith specialist. 

Professional Locksmith Burglary repair

LMS Locksmith

We     LMS Locksmiths professional service giving to unsecured houses in London and in UK. all our locksmith services including VAT, and are insured, you get warranty for 12 months. and all of other call-outs are free of charge.

as for now 07/07/2014. we have 12 Locksmith in London covering all London areas & it's surrounding. we do lockout & lock repair, new banham lock installation, Ingersoll. and we also have Mul-T-Lock locks replace + mechanism for Pladelet doors. some of our Locksmiths are certificated to work with intercoms.

London Locksmith covering Map

Covering Areas

we cover all london areas, from east london to West London, from South London, to North London, all postcodes ioncludeing congession charge areas.

neighbourhoods in the areas services are also: Borehmawood, Radlet, St. Albans, Edgare, Harrow, Romford, Bromley, Croydon, South Croydon, Kingston, Dartford, Uxbridge, Heathrow, and more

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LMS Locksmith by John Hill